Why silk feels soft and comfortable to wear?
Silk is woven from silk fabric. As we all know, real silk, soft, comfortable and cool the body, the most suitable for lingerie. But why is the same as the natural protein wool fabric Quedui have some skin irritation, itching when wearing a personal sense of it?

1000 times magnification through the scanning electron microscope pictures we can see, the silk fiber surface abnormal smooth, shiny very soft, so skin will not have the physical stimulation. The wool fiber surface is covered with irregular flake-like organization, it is these same tiles as the special structure of the existence of the unique wool blanket reduction effect (If alkali and high temperature friction will shrink or thicker), it is these Border scales the skin will have a strong stimulating effect, and some will appear allergic reactions. Therefore, although both the chemical composition, chemical structure similar, but different form the physical form of fiber, reflected in performance on taking such a big difference there: really suitable for silk underwear, and wool fabrics are suitable for warm and strong coat and sweater.

Then from the fiber cross-sectional structure, there are silk fibers visible within a large number of tiny pores, while others have little or no fiber. The existence of these pores can improve the fiber soft music performance, reduce fiber rigid. Porous gap can also absorb and release moisture, the reservoir plays a role, be able to adjust the humidity of the climate of human small environment, so that the wearer comfortable and pleasant. Meanwhile, the porosity of the fiber will bring a larger surface area, (the porosity of silk up to 38%), lightweight silk Rejoice therefore style is unmatched by other fibers. And polyester, nylon and other synthetic chemical structure from the point of the lack of hydrophilic groups, speaking from the physical structure of the lack of micro-porous and therefore can not wet moisture release, the wearer will feel hot and sticky body, the lack of comfort.

Of course, the clothing fibers taking comfort in addition to the performance itself, but also related to the structure and fabric, such as the loose structure of the structure more easily than the close of the moisture. But the most important fabric of comfort or depend on the performance of fiber itself.

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