Silk prevention and treatment of certain skin diseases
The late seventies, Japanese Ministry of Health (MOH) had undergone a skin disease related to chemical fiber underwear induced the investigation report, they found that often wearing synthetic underwear, underwear and stockings young women, cystitis, vulvar pruritus, leg itching psychosis typically higher incidence of skin diseases. According to analysis, this is because synthetic fiber underwear moisture absorption, bulk moisture, poor ventilation, feel rough hard, lack of comfort, these spots are caused by the accumulation of skin secretions and sweat. And this hot and humid and dirty environment is suitable for the propagation of various types of pathogenic bacteria growth, resulting in the wearer a variety of skin diseases occur.

Silk is natural protein fiber, its chemical structure and chemical composition of human skin is very similar, unlike the synthesis of petrochemical products from the chemical fiber, as have some irritation on the skin; the same time, silk macromolecular chain there are lots of pro- Water-based amino, hydroxyl and other active groups, with good water absorption, sweat can be absorbed by the body through soft, loose fiber channel transmission to the outer surface of the fabric, and finally into the atmosphere to go. Not as synthetic as the sweat and keep the skin between the inner surface of the fabric, resulting in large population of bacteria.

Our research department in 1986 organized a special silk clinical trials of treatment of skin diseases, when the participation in the trial of Zhejiang Silk Science Research Institute, Zhejiang Medical University, Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Medical University, and a number of units professor, associate professor, chief physician, MD, deputy director of more than thirty people. Silk knitted underwear topics selected to control skin itching disease for clinical trials. Test results, skin pruritus senile pruritus and mitigation of systemic total efficiency is 100%, the cure rate was 87.5%. The treatment of pruritus of the lower leg is 79.5% efficient, where the cure rate was 45.5%. It is noteworthy that the test has also adopted the same cloth made of natural fiber comparison test, although it can be found in cotton fiber moisture desorption, but not the efficacy of the treatment of skin pruritus, mainly the molecular structure of cotton fibers left is glucose base composed of cellulose fibers, unlike the silk molecules that belong to the human body protein content of the composition of the skin, blending with similar affinity balance. In addition, the research group of women with vulvar pruritus, papular urticaria syndrome children, allergic dermatitis, neurodermatitis and other skin diseases done a lot of testing, the total effective rate is 85% or more.

Thus, the ancient silk known as the "Fiber Queen", the modern metaphor for her "artificial skin", which by reputation is really worthy of silk.

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