Satin type
Silk has many different standards according to categories, divided by raw materials and organization.

Silk: The silk production of silk as raw material is processed into silk satin with collectively.
People Silk: The rayon silk as raw materials.
Synthetic silk: a synthetic fiber as raw silk.
Woven silk: two different materials are woven into the silk.

Classification by use:

Taking silk: silk as raw material for processing clothes (clothing, scarves, scarves, ties, etc.).
Decorative: decorative aspects of the use of silk (decorated walls, mounting, book cover, with a silk bag, etc.).
Industrial silk: silk industry (typewriter ribbons, etc.).
Health silk: Medical silk (silk artificial blood vessels, artificial leather, etc., green silk.)

Processing methods by Category:

Machine silk fabric: silk machinery to latitude and longitude lines with interlaced woven silk.
Knitted silk: Knitted in silk thread each string consisting of sets of coils made of silk.
No Reeling the silk: No woven and knitted, silk waste is processed into fiber network, and then by mechanical process consisting of silk.

By silk dyeing and other surface manifestations and classification:

Jacquard silk: A silk jacquard woven (jacquard silk, jacquard silk.)
Printed silk: on the use of dye in the gray silk fabric with a screen printing machine (printing platen) printed silk flowers.
Dyed silk: on the use of dyes used in the gray silk fabric dyeing machine (vat) dyed silk.
Tie-dyed silk: arrangement with ligation of cotton yarn in gray silk fabric according to the design of certain parts, and then stained, to be removed after staining

Ligation yarn is tie-dyed silk.

By Technology Category:

Gray silk fabric: silk, not refined, said Health and gray silk fabric.
Training white silk: silk has been refined.
Bleaching of silk: has refined and bleached silk.
Cooked silk: silk weft into practice the first refining degummed silk (cooked wire) and then woven into the silk.
Flash Color Silk: The weft dyed after scouring different color, that is, latitude and longitude lines of different colors cross woven silk.

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