Introduce for Silk Products
The so-called pure silk woven from silk or other textile fibers are woven into the fabric. The silk is specifically refers to all the silk woven by the silk products. There are other specialties in Northeast China Tussah silk and silk scraps of raw materials used as processing by spinning yarns out of the silk silk silk and so on.

Silk was by eighteen kinds of amino acid composition of the natural protein fiber, it different from cotton and chemical fibers, chemical skin it is very similar to the results, with good compatibility, nurture and protect the skin a considerable role.

Silk specifications according to their organization can be divided into: Ling, Lo, silk, satin, raw silk, yarn. By fifteen species can be divided into the following categories: Ling, Lo, silk, satin, yarn, silk, raw silk, textile, ti, crepe, Ge, then, velvet, brocade, embroidery. Of which: yarn, Luo, silk, textile, silk, cotton cloth, plain weave fabric as the Ge, Kam Leung fat compared with the satin, velvet and compare it rich, relatively thin yarn and raw silk.

Colorful Chinese silk, a long history, well known world. Silk variety because of organizational changes in the structure of alternating woven jacquard and prime, and to modern and all kinds of chemical fiber yarn, woven silk and so on hybridization methods, so many unusual varieties. Processing methods can be divided in accordance with woven fabrics, knit fabrics and nonwoven fabrics; press materials can be divided into full-silk fabric, rayon fabric, silk fabric, synthetic filament fabric and mixed fabrics. Used by end-use can be divided into silk dress, decorated with silk, silk industry, medicine and defense with the silk with silk. By organization can be divided into plain fabric, twill fabric, satin fabric and other general organizations and special crepe fabric, velvet fabric, leno fabric.

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