How to Use of Purple Clay Teapot?
    Teapots made from Yixing purple clay are extolled by aficionados as superior to all other types of teapots for brewing tea. This is attributed to the unglazed nature of the teapots after firing that retains its porous nature, which is excellent at absorbing the flavor and aroma of tea. After prolonged use, a rich patina will gradually develop on the interior of the teapot which enhances the taste, color and aroma of the tea. Externally the unglazed surface absorbs oil from being handled, and with use grows more and more lustrous. Legend has it that if a purple clay teapot has been used for a long time, one can simply pour hot water into the teapot to brew a cup of tea.

    Besides their unique tea brewing quality, these delicately hand-crafted elegant Yixing teapots are also noted for their artistic beauty and are therefore many people's favorites. 
However, if you would like to use the poetic purple clay teapot to brew a good cup of tea, two important steps should be taken first. They are the treatment of a new teapot and the matching of a teapot with the right type of tea. To treat an un-used teapot is to remove any residue and clay smell from the teapot. After treatment, you have to explore which type of tea quality can be enhanced mostly by a particular teapot i.e. the matching of a teapot with the right type of tea.  

    Since the clay absorbs flavor, you should keep the pot clean by washing it with warm water once you’ve finished drinking. But never clean it with soap - the soap can seep into the clay and give a soapy aftertaste to the next pots of tea! If you forget to clean it and the old leaves turn foul, adding boiling water, immediately pouring it out, and placing the pot in cold water will freshen the flavor again.
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