34 subclasses for silk
Mainly on the silk surface, the performance division.

(1) De Chine: to use the plain weave, the untwisted weft left with two right-twist silk, silk crepe effect even appear before the fabric.
(2) Georgette: The plain weave, warp and weft by two right-left twist thread, texture, scale sparse thin, silk crepe side effects with yarn and fabric eye.
(3) Bi crepe, the untwisted, crepe weft line with Bi (20/22Dx3 plus S twist 1600T / m, then and 20/22D1 root, add Z twist 1600T / m), is a fine crepe fabric.
(4) Shun Yu: The twisted, with a single twist weft silk, crepe silk fabrics appear before vertical.
(5) Taft: The plain weave, warp and weft first scouring, crisp texture of cooked fine fabric.
(6). Habotai: silk (silk oak in) woven plain weave fabric of Health.
(7) Thin spinning: The raw silk weaving, silk square lies 6m / m and below the plain weave fabric.
(8) Silk: silk warp and weft are made of plain weave fabric.
(9) Cotton silk: warp and weft are made of plain weave fabric spinning.
(10) Double Palace: Palace of all or part of a dual filament fabric.
(11) Knots: knots used in whole or in part, bamboo yarn, fabric effect was swelling on the skin.
(12) Star patterns: The organization crepe fabric.
(13) Rib: one or both sides of the fabric was light bar.
(14) Flower Line: All or part of the use of color or mixed colors line twisting fabric.
(15) Section: silk surface showing horizontal straight strip of fabric patterns.
(16) Lattice: Lattice silk surface pattern of the fabric showing.
(17) Through the cold: The yarn false organization, constitutes a space like yarn through the eye of the fabric.
(18) Dyed: All or part of the Silk fabric used.
(19) Double: The triple organizations, all have the same type of front and back twill or satin weave fabric.
(20) Bump: a concave-convex pattern of the fabric.
(21). Yamagata; applications or zigzag twill Yamagata, Yamagata, or showed a jagged fabric flower.
(22) Flower: jacquard fabric.
(23) Revised flower: the pruning of jacquard fabric.
(24) Light: bright light viscose or semi-pure copper wire of ammonia were silk.
(25) Matt: matt viscose or pure silk matte copper ammonia were silk.
(26) Flash ultra-bright light special section with synthetic filament plain woven or woven, the fabric was flash effect.
(27) Light: The gold and silver money (aluminum skin) of pure woven or woven, the fabric was light effect.
(28) Health: The silk weaving, without scouring the fabric.
(29) Special dyeing: The use of tie-dye or other special weft yarn dyeing process, was the second tie-dye color effect color and fabric.
(30) Printed by: The line of woven silk fabric after printing.
(31) Larong: After finishing brushed fabric.
(32) Li Rong: After finishing velvet fabric.
(33) Kimono: width at 40cm below, or the whole site in the organization has cut open the seam below 40cm for the processing of special products and services.
(34) Great article: Jingwei large oak bar with plain weave silk fabric.

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